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Last updated on May 29th 2020

repair services
Bastien REHM
Individuals & Pros
Windows & Mac repairs, computer assembly, networking, modem installation, wifi,
website creation.
06 12 94 25 20


Computer fixing

I can solve all your computer problems: too many ads? computer too slow? a virus?
As an independant computer tech, my delays are quite short: 1 or 2 days depending on availability.
If you'd rather I take your computer to my shop for fixing, that is also a possibility.
I work unber any operating system: Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.


As a teacher, I can provide lessons for almost any computer need: basic knowledge to use a computer, internet, Word, Excel, Open office, etc.

Computer building

I can also provide advice for what computer is the best for your needs or component udgrade for computers you already own.
If you'd like me to build a computer from scratch, we can choose the best components for your needs. You provide the hardware from trusted internet websites and I take care of the build, the configuration and install of your new computer.

Website creation

Do you have a website project to promote your business ? My multimedia diploma provided me with the necessary knowledge to answer your needs.

Do not hesitate to fill the form on the contact page to send me a message about your project, computer issue or your lesson needs, I answer all mails as soon as I can..

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